Proper estate planning is an investment—not an expense.

Just a few hours of estate planning can save thousands of dollars on death. Conversely, a homemade Will can end up costing many thousands of dollars in lost opportunities and undeliverable bequests. Our Probate Courts are full of testaments to the hazards of self-help in this ancient and rule-bound area of the law.

At Mac, Mac & Mac, we start with careful listening. Only after we know all the intricacies of a client’s wishes and responsibilities do we begin to craft the documents that will speak for the client when he or she can no longer do so. We ensure that the wishes and expectations of the client are honoured in a manner that maximizes return and minimizes future legal challenges.

Complex planning demands complete understanding.

With increasing government intervention and tax complexity in matters of living and dying, proper estate planning becomes one of the best bargains that a law firm can provide. The same is true of corporate succession planning, where business continuity and strategic tax planning are integral objectives co-ordinated between our Estates Group and our Tax Group.

Enduring Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, tax rollovers and family trusts are only part of the package that is available through our Wills, Estates and Trusts Group. A complete estate plan must stitch these components together into a seamless legal fabric. It’s part of the problem solving philosophy that distinguishes Mac, Mac & Mac.

Preparing a Will has little to do with pre-printed forms—long before testamentary wishes are reduced to writing, there is a need for a complete and candid disclosure between the lawyer and the client. Too often, what appears to be simple and straightforward is not.



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