“Maximum tax advantage” is easier said than done.

Canadian tax rules are constantly changing. Ensuring maximum tax advantage for clients takes a legal team that’s particularly dedicated to staying current on tax law and its implications. At Mac, Mac & Mac, we work closely with our clients’ accountants and financial advisors. We create legitimate financial structures that both maximize existing opportunities and anticipate future legal and business developments.

Our goal is to make Canada’s complex tax system understandable to our clients. But more than that, we strive to ensure your financial interests are asserted and protected.

Reliable tax lawyers are as uncommon as they are invaluable. 

We’re proud to provide a range of bilingual services including corporate and personal tax, estate planning, business succession planning, tax opinions, advance rulings, HST, customs, excise and sales tax, and all forms of tax advocacy at all levels of our Tax Courts. If there is a tax component to a transaction, our Tax Group is available for advice and guidance.

Our commitment does not stop with strategic advice. If you face an assessment notice or an unexpected audit, you can count on the experience and advocacy we can provide on your behalf.

Eric Atkinson heads up our Taxation Group. Eric keeps the financial well-being of our clients foremost in our legal strategies. Together, this team helps clients arrange their affairs in order to minimize tax liability.

Taxpayers are entitled to find ways to ensure they are not overtaxed by accident or poor planning. Our job is to make sure the client is aware of available options.

-Eric Atkinson


  • Corporate Tax Planning
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Structured Commercial Transactions
  • Commodities Tax (HST)
  • International and Multi-jurisdictional Tax Planning
  • Tax Advocacy & Litigation
  • First Nations Taxation
  • Personal and Estate Tax Planning