The right firm to have on your side.

Mac, Mac & Mac takes pride in disproving the stereotype that too often defines legal ranking by the size of the firm or the height of its offices. Our talented team of lawyers and staff bring both experience and innovative thinking to the innumerable legal challenges that arrive daily at our doorstep.

Our lawyers have deliberately chosen to practice in non-metropolitan Nova Scotia. Most of us are native Nova Scotians with a distinctive pride in our region. We are committed to making it successful, whatever the challenges. We are part of the fabric of our communities. Most importantly for our clients, we know how things work in our legal circles. That’s what good lawyering is about.

Experience the Mac, Mac & Mac difference.

We serve clients of all shapes and sizes, with legal budgets tailored to their needs. Our clients cover the full gamut, from traumatized individuals, to mom and pop small businesses, to first time home buyers, to some of the largest and most successful industries and employers in Nova Scotia. Although our client base is diverse, there is one common theme: our hands-on approach to solving legal problems. Big or small, every client receives what they are due: our best.

A track record that speaks for itself.

Mac, Mac & Mac is unique amongst Nova Scotia law firms in having all three of our founding partners elevated to the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia. From our humble beginnings we have seen three additional partners similarly rise to the judicial bench; a batting average unmatched by any law firm in Nova Scotia. Every member of our Mac, Mac & Mac team strives to maintain those standards of excellence.

A few of our more noteworthy legal retainers include:

  • Acting as the legal advocate on behalf of the organized voice of all lawyers in Canada before the Supreme Court of Canada, our highest court.
  • Representing the vast majority of Nova Scotia women in world-wide class action litigation for defective breast implants.
  • Succeeding in a hotly contested and vigorously defended multi-million dollar lawsuit against an insurance company that created a new duty of care for the way in which insurance companies must fairly respond to insurance claims.
  • Creatively settling the first North American class action lawsuit that respectfully brought together victims of sexual abuse and the religious institution held responsible for such victimization.
  • Acting as lead counsel in one of the most controversial forensic workplace investigations ever in Canada – the Westray Mine Disaster.
  • Acting for one of Nova Scotia’s largest industrial manufacturers in a complex tax litigation case.

Those are just examples of some of our more prominent cases. As proud as we are of those legal successes, they are not what define us. Instead, it is our daily interaction with real people with real legal challenges that make us come to work each morning with a commitment to do our best for our clients.

Our reputation amongst our clients is perhaps the best measure of our suitability for new clients. When experience matters, when you need the right lawyer with the right fit on your side, we invite you to ask others about our reputation for serving our clients. We are pleased to be judged by the clients we attract and serve.